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Trendige Kurzhaar Frisuren für Schwarze Frauen

Short hairstyles are one of the most important hairstyles for black women. You can try a range of short hairstyles in curly hair, wavy hair, thick and thinning hair. Keep reading to know about some trendy and sleek hairstyles for black women.

This is one of the most preferred cuts among so many short hairstyles for black women. This is a versatile hairstyle that looks good on all types of faces. This hairstyle is short in the back and long in the front. Some of the best examples of Pixie Love are the actress Halle Berry, who is parted or brushed on the back. The short retro hairstyle is a popular hairstyle that was worn by women in ancient times. This hairstyle can be attached to the curls with small clips. Pin the curls on the side of the hair and this is a great hairstyle for short and straight wavy hair.

The Bob style is a short hairstyle that you can still see in women today. This is a short haircut that usually looks like elongated faces like Lady Diana.

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