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Top 10 Best Short Bob Hairstyles for the Summer

When the weather gets warmer, long hair can feel like a heavy, sweaty strain on your skin. A shorter, lighter cut can be an instant refreshing solution to fight the heat.

As summer approaches, you should consider a change by turning your long curls into a polished, shorter style. These ten short bob hairstyles are the perfect stylish short cuts that keep you cool throughout the summer.

A-Line Bob with beach waves

This subtle slope of the A-Line Bob improves your chin line and keeps your back layers short and light. Its beach waves are fresh from the sea and easy to shape and perfect for the summer.

Style this bob with a flat iron to create loose beach waves. Scrunch in a texturizing spray for a disheveled, natural-looking finish.

Messy Bleached Bob Hairstyle

This Bleached Bob is a modern, manageable style that’s both practical and ultra-trendy.

Achieve the messy style of this cut by ironing your lower layers flat and curling individual strands of your upper layers into loose, natural-looking waves. Add a small amount of light textured spray to perfectly brighten your strands all day long.

Bob with dull chin lengths and highlights


To style this bob, start by drying your hair with a hair dryer. If necessary, use a round brush or a flat iron to polish your ends.

Short Straight A-Line Bob Haircut

These A-line Bobs back layers are cut very short, making this cut easier to handle and perfect for the summer heat. The longer front sides give this model more interest and femininity, while the straight strands provide a smooth finish.

Use a flat iron or a hair dryer and a round brush to smooth this cut. Separate your hair into small sections to ensure that no strand remains untouched. Finish the styling with a light smoothing serum to tame high-flyers and ensure an ultra-slim look.

Rounded chin length Bob

This classic chin-length bob is a simple, polished style. Its blunt cut adapts to almost any face shape, and its short length keeps your hair off the neck anytime.

To achieve the streamlined, rounded surface of this short bob at home, use a flat iron to roll the ends of the heavier lower layers to your face.

Violet-silver A-line praise

Rock the trend to silver hair this summer with this ultra-modern A-Line Long Bob. This long bob cut drops an inch or two over your shoulders. Its sloping layers make this bob lightweight and handy in the summer heat.

This versatile bob style works both curly and straight. Use a flat iron to create under the pin-straight locks or loose curls. Add a smoothing serum and shine spray for a smooth finish and a livelier color.

Curly shoulder length Bob with Lilac highlights

This shoulder-length bob is the perfect summer style for women who want a change but are reluctant to do something drastic to their hair. This shoulder-length cut keeps you cool without taking away your option of a lazy day ponytail. Its subtle purple highlights give your locks a touch of color without exaggeration.

Curl your hair with a thick curling stick or a flat iron with wide plates. Pay and use this style with a textured spray instead of a traditional hair spray to create loose, relaxed waves instead of tightly curled curls.

Curly Rose Gold Chin-length Bob

Pink hair can be hard to pull off, but this chin-length rose gold bob is a flirty, feminine style subtle enough to keep the lust in check.

Use a thin curling pole to style this bob. Loosely wrap small pieces of hair around the tail to create the perfect, relaxed ringlets shown above.

Short silver bob with side bangs

With this short cut silver style you’re guaranteed to stay cool. Its cool, bleached white-blonde color gives this cut a modern finish. The ultra-short layers of this bob contrast with the longer front layers in a bold, adventurous style.

Use your fingers to scrub texturizing spray in this bob for a deliberately tousled look. Straighten your front layers and apply a smoothing serum to tame remnants and give this style a smooth, streamlined finish.

Short orange A-Line Bob with asymmetrical part

Stand out with this ultra-short, bright orange Bob cut sign. The A-line of the bob frames your facial features, while the asymmetrical side panel adds interest and style. A fiery orange hue adds an extra touch of boldness to this style.

To style this bob, start with damp hair and draw a deep side piece. Roughly dry your hair and smooth it out. You can also skip the flat iron and instead use a hair dryer and a round brush as a straightening tool. Finish with a gloss spray to make the bright orange color of this bob shine even brighter.

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