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Spectacular hairstyles from harnesses

Hairstyles with ties are at the peak of popularity. Original, but at the same time simple styling with a unique pattern, such as hairstyles made of harnesses, are the most appreciated. Despite the apparent complexity of such a design, they are easy to do at home with your own hands. All you have to do is master a few simple hairdressing techniques and little secrets.

How to make a hairstyle with straps on the sides: a step-by-step creation of styling

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

You can make such a style in any style – you can not limit your own imagination, the torsion of the harness itself is quite simple, but requires skills.

And of course, it is worthwhile to design the hairstyle of the harnesses step by step according to simple professional rules.

Best of all, the pattern of such a styling looks absolutely slick and smooth, shiny hair, for owners of fluffy or wavy hair, it is best to first use the iron to straighten them. Styling is made only on dry hair, you must wash it first and use any styling that is suitable for your hair type.

Strands should be made of plastic and be absolutely obedient – pay close attention to their ends, apply an extra dose of styling. It will make it easier to turn them, and the finished styling will also be safer and longer. The length of the curls also plays a role – the styling is perfectly matched to long hair. When creating complex and voluminous styling, owners of medium-length hair should take advantage of overhead tresses.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Join in to get started to master the technique of creation perfectly – the hairstyle with straps on the sides, it’s easy, and it’s very easy to pick up your own design. You need a hairbrush, a comb with frequent teeth, elastic bands and invisible hairpins. Comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into a split part. Using a hairbrush, separate a small strand from the crown and pull it by turning it on your finger, gently on its temple and then on the back of the head. An important rule: The belt must be wound in the opposite direction to the weaving direction. In this case, when pulling the strand in the direction of the stirrup, it is necessary to turn it against the face.

Tighten the twisted strand with an elastic band and then an invisible hairpin. In the same way, twist the strand on the other side of the crown and attach it symmetrically with the first – the hair collected at the back of the head in a classic “Malvina”. The ends of the strands may be hidden under the strands of the occipital zone, overlapped by invisible men or decorated with a point of attachment with a beautiful hair clip. And you can bring it out by putting it in a ponytail, a braid or a curl with a curling iron or curler.

Hairstyle with tail and braid based on basic styling

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

When you create hairstyles from harnesses with your own hands, you can simulate exactly the pattern that creates the most complementary framing of the face. The straps can be positioned low – cover your ears, and you can lift up to the top of the head, just as it depends on the shape of your face. The density and volume of the straps themselves depends only on personal preference, the installation has no strict rules and a mirror will tell you the best option. Excellent, especially in complex styling, weaving thin and wide strands. Such attachment does not require additional attachment with paint, but if necessary, you can add a little styling to the ends of the strands – the strands should be obedient.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Based on the basic style described above, you can easily create a hairstyle with a tail and a braid. Decorate the strands at the temples, bring them to the back of the head and then collect all curls from the crown area and secure them with an elastic band. The installation is symmetrical, but the tail style itself can be anyone, he always looks stylish, located at the back of the back of the head. To make the styling pattern richer and more expressive, repeat twisting the strands at the base of the tail, stretch it with your hands and give it a heart shape. This simplest styling is created in literally five minutes, but complements not just everyday but also evening pictures.

Complicated volume hairstyles from harnesses

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Those who master the technique of creating this simple style can try more complex options for voluminous hairstyles from harnesses. For example as elegant beams of complex shape. To create them you need rubber bands, invisible hairpins and rivets. Consider the ends of the strands during hair preparation – give them a little more styling and plasticity.

See how hairstyles with harnesses look elegant and spectacular in the photo:

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Comb the hair from the face to the back of the head – it is best to arrange the crown and the bed area as smoothly and cleanly as possible – the luxurious beam will be the main focus of this style. Collect all the hair in the tail, place it as low as possible and secure it with a rubber band. Separate a narrow strand to the right of the tail and twist it into a bundle, in which case you have to wrap the hair from right to left. Turn the thread over completely, fasten its end with an elastic band, then twist the bundle with your fingers, decorate it in the form of a voluminous outlet and attach it with a hairpin to the base of the tail. In the same way you put the remaining strands, their width and, accordingly, the volume of the harnesses can be different, and your imagination will tell you the shape of the styling. It is important not to forget that it is necessary to wind the strands in the opposite direction of their laying.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Beams with thread weave and overlap look very stylish, such a bundle can be arranged both symmetrically and laterally.

Do not apologize for the hairpins and hairpins – Styling is quite fragile and requires extra support especially for long hair. At the end of laying – process a few paints. It is perfect for the evening, it can be nicely decorated with rhinestones, pearls or miniature flower buds.

Technique to create an evening haircut of three twisted harnesses

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

A great option for a romantic styling in a more complex technique of the hairstyle of the three twisted braids. It looks good on long and straight hair, but to do it, you need help. This happens at the side parting – leave most of the hair on the right side, place it on the back of the head and decorate it in the form of two tails, secure it with a rubber band in the hair color. To get a nice picture, start with the left tail, turn it to the end in a tight bundle and fasten it with a rubber band. Hold the end with one hand, with the other hand, dissect the hair in strands from the end to the base, the strands bulky and curvy. Save the result with varnish.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Similarly, it is necessary to clear with the second tail on the back of the head and then with the strand. The last elements can be set in any order. But one of the most interesting options is the high styling, which proves itself as evening hair made of braids. To do this, lift the hair to the top and attach all three overlapping elements, beautifully interwoven. Hairpins and hairpins, especially for long hair, are not to be pitied. A little paint easy fixation and hair ready!

An asymmetrical version of such a styling will not look less stylish, because it is enough to release one of the tails and place the other two in random order. In any case, the strands should not only be fixed with rubber bands, but also fixed with hairpins, with their ends carefully hidden in the installation – this will only benefit. The most original will be your own version of this styling – you can put this hair in the most imaginative way.

Pay attention to how easy and beautiful the hairstyles with long hair harnesses are in these photos.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

The longer your hair, the more opportunities to use these eye-catching styling elements. The hairstyle of the long hair braids looks elegant throughout, in its simplest form, based on the “Malvina”, as well as in combination with other styling styles. Strands to bundle your face, the rest of the hair volume can be curled into big curls – this aristocratic combination will perfectly support an evening or a romantic image. And making such a hairstyle with straps is usually pretty easy. The only thing that should not be done is to complicate this installation with other expressive elements, such as the webs of complex weaving.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Simple hairstyle made of harnesses with roses

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Another option for a stylish and lightweight bundle hairstyle is hair styling with roses. In this case, the focus is on the hair in the occipital zone, it is not worth weighing such a styling with complex facial features. To make it, you will need all the usual hair ties, hairpins and invisible hairpins. Hair deeply combed at the back of the head, divided into several strands and each secured with elastic bands. Such a styling can be done in both a classic symmetrical and an asymmetrical version, roses made of hair arranged in rows look good.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Then roll each tail into a tight bundle and attach the end of the strand with an elastic band and at the base of the tail – with a hairpin – forming a round socket. Straighten the strands with your fingers – create “petals” and fix the result with varnish. How luscious your “bouquet of roses” will be depends on the thickness and length of your hair. If necessary, you can add multiple overhead strands in the installation. For reliability, additionally strengthen the “roses” between the individual studs. Styling perfectly supports the decor of fresh flowers, it is perfect as an evening as well as wedding hairstyle.

Similar styling with grapes and roses can not only be done for long hair. Hairstyles with straps for medium-thick hair with effective volume elements allow you to create head straps. Pick up on the hair and attach it to the base of the tail, where you collect the hair on the back of the head. By mixing your own curls and overhead strands into mass elements, you can achieve a very effective result. And your little trick will go unnoticed if you take the paint exactly and carefully close the attachment points of the over-head threads.

Simple hairstyles for girls made of braids and braids in a concise technique

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

Hairstyles of braids and harnesses always look elegant, but only if your braid is made in a precise technique. In order not to overload the styling, you renounce too complicated weaving and prefer the traditional technique. Such stacking can be done in both the classic and asymmetric versions. Bundle the strands around your face so that they are best framed, and then collect the entire hairline at the back of the head. Divide all hair into four strands, braid them into a firm braid, braid a French braid. In this case, it is much easier to weave than usual, but it looks very impressive.

Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren  Spektakuläre Frisuren aus Geschirren

In a simplified version, only strands that are combed out of the temples can be braided into a braid, and the remainder of the hair assembly can be woven with curling irons and curlers.

In any case, this combined styling will look great. By the way, she is one of the most successful hairstyle options for a girl with braids and braids who should never be overweighted with adult elements. In this case, it is a fashionable stylization that can be realized even on medium-long hair. In addition, it is safe and does not require any styling, riveting or paint.

Hair for a special occasion with a scythe can be supplemented with miniature roses from the hair, whose manufacturing technique is described above. But, as in adult versions, it is not worth mixing too bright and expressive elements in one package. Miniature braids on the temples are perfectly combined with the French braid and the “roses” – with the usual Russian.

Simple hairstyles made of harnesses are beautifully decorated, but their main decoration is their own expressive pattern. To emphasize the beauty of the styling, it is worthwhile to use elastic bands and hairpins in children’s versions, which are adapted to the hardness of the clay. A bright beautiful volume hair clip with inlaid rhinestones or with a flower or a diadem will complement the finished styling perfectly.


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