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Short Bobs For Round Faces 2019

We all come into this world and look different. We have different face shapes, body shapes, heights and weights. Each of us, ladies, is blessed with unparalleled beauty. If you do not fit into the unsafe standards imposed by mass media, that does not mean that you are less private and beautiful than the women you see in magazines or on the TV screen. The most important thing is to feel and know that you are a beautiful woman. The right hairstyle makes this feeling and your self-confidence strong.

The right choice of a hairstyle can not only mask some imperfections of the face in relation to its shape, but also change the effect of the entire image. If you have a round face, you probably want to have a slimmer face. We want to show you how different you can look and feel with a flattering hairstyle. With the short bob hairstyles you can easily achieve this effect.

The buzzword for flattering short bob hairstyles for women with round faces is asymmetry. This is the best way to break the circular symmetry of a face with big, round cheeks, and luckily, asymmetry is one of the hairdresser’s favorite themes of the 21st century! Here are some short bobs for round faces 2018 – 2019 for inspiration.


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