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Hairstyles for the wedding. 200 photos of fashionable styling for the bride.

Frisuren für die Hochzeit. 200 Fotos von modischem Styling für die Braut.

Hairstyles for the wedding. 200 photos of fashionable styling for the bride.

The courtship is over, the offer is made, and the preparations for an exciting event, the wedding, begin. The wedding day is especially important for the bride. All the forces of the young people are focused on creating an unforgettable celebration, leaving only positive emotions in mind. On the pages of our women’s magazine “Raznoblog”, we have repeatedly told you about all possible options for women’s hairstyles for a wedding. Today we will continue this theme and present you with a new collection of beautiful photos.

The combination of hairstyles with style dress.

And the wedding begins with the choice of clothes, jewelry and hairstyle for the bride. Even a seasoned stylist has to spend a lot of time doing it, and attention to creating a wedding hairstyle is something special. The bride’s hairstyle has a number of requirements: it has to be combined with the girl’s facial features and harmonize with the bride, as many photographs from our gallery show. For example, the bride chose an empire style outfit. He emphasizes her refinement and sensuality, and that is why the hairstyle is needed in the same style: curls, braids, flowers and bands in her hair, or a lithe, tall tail. If the outfit is lush, the hairstyle should not be bulky. Then a picture of a gentle princess is created.

The braids of different weaves are very fitting, taken up and decorated with ribbons, tiara and flowers. The short dress fits perfectly with classic hairstyles: bouquets, various spikelets, shells, decorated with pearls and original styling without fleece with a well-groomed hat. Such a choice meets brides who are purposeful and courageous. If you choose the “fish” style of clothing, then you can choose a hairstyle from a range of options: bushy, babetty, curls, half assembled at the top and dropped down. Vintage dress – retro hairstyle. For them you need a minimum of jewelry and pomp. This is a demonstration of restraint, nobility and hidden luxury. Such a picture makes the bride open and sexy.

Types of wedding hairstyles.

There are many types of hairstyles for the bride, but almost everything can be reduced to a hairstyle with a veil, a hairstyle with flowers, with tiaras and hairstyles for a wedding. If the bride has chosen a veil, the wedding hairstyle should already be chosen for her. A single-breasted veil adds elegance, and it’s better to attach it to hair with hairpins in the middle. It is necessary to choose a gorgeous dress for a two-tiered veil and make a voluminous hairstyle. Two-tier veil is perfect for romantic curls and complex hairstyles for curly hair. For her, chignons, jewelry with crystals, flowers, pearls are good. Fix the veil well on the comb or on the hairpin. A very successful supplement is a tiara or a crown. On the background of a multi-layered veil, super effective baroque hairstyle. A veil of two or more layers is suitable for a wedding ceremony as one of the layers covers the head of the bride during the ceremony.

Hairstyles with tiara.

Such an accessory on long hair is particularly advantageous. Big curls and curls – the best option. The tiara may be in the form of a crown or a thin tire. It can be decorated with rhinestones, gemstones or crystals. Such decoration gives the image of the bride aristocracy and refinement. It’s important to focus on the tiara, so no extra accessories are needed, but you can choose a berth veil. To fix the hairstyle, you have to choose a tiara with a horizontal comb.

Hairstyles with flowers.

Tenderness and femininity – that’s the idea of ​​hairstyles with fresh flowers. For gentle and romantic girls, this option is best. Such decorations are very well combined with Malvina hairstyles and cascades. You can decorate a strict bowl or babette. The help of a specialist is necessary to decorate the veil with flowers. It is not necessary to use only fresh flowers, it is quite acceptable to replace with artificial but high quality. The choice of colors depends on the harmony with the appearance: blue is suitable for all girls, and for the bold, bright red roses are possible. It is important that harmony with the picture is common, no dissonance is allowed. You can use sparkling and beaded wreath and decorated.

Wedding hairstyles.

Church foundations limit the number of these hairstyles significantly. They should be simple, no decoration, especially extravagant, are allowed. Low beam and wheels are very suitable. The main condition – combed hair. The presence of a veil in this hairstyle is necessary. Although the fashion for wedding hairstyles is not as fleeting as for outfits, there are new opportunities every season. The main trend of the current season is naturalness. In the past there were overlapping curls and high artificial structures on the hair. Soft curls have become the leaders of this year. Jewelry hairstyles, big hairpins and fresh flowers complicate hairstyles.

Curls: the leader of the season.

Feminine and romantic hairstyle has become a well-deserved leader among the wedding hairstyles. Tight curls are no longer relevant, but they have been replaced by smooth waves. You can leave your hair straight and twist the tips only slightly. Ornaments made of fresh flowers are the hit of summer. In the cold season, they are replaced by artificial flowers made of fabric, lace, which fit harmoniously into the outfit. Add charm and wedding hairpins. These stylings are perfect for open back outfits and not lush, empire style with open shoulders.

Hairstyle in the style of “Great Gatsby”.

Fashion over hairstyles and clothes of the twenties brought back the eponymous film. A short haircut with glowing curls on the hair tips, graphic styling waves, side parting – such hairstyles make the image of the bride very seductive. The style of the “Roaring Twenties” was created for flared outfits with elaborate ornaments, and hair accessories and accessories combine styling and clothing: elegant headbands, wide bands and embroidered headbands.

Hairstyles with braids.

Weaving is always in fashion. An interesting braid of a braid is the trend of the season. Carelessly loose or tight, ribbons decorated with ribbons remain very popular in the world of wedding hairstyles. A new trend is a plaited plait braided on one side and interwoven with a thin pearl necklace. For a simple dress, this option is ideal as it gives the bride an amazing charm.

Traditional hairstyles.

Classic knots, shells and bundles are not going out of fashion. They look both stylish and austere. Original accessories give the picture elegance: various veils with interesting embellishments, tiaras, lace ribbons and tiaras – the decorations are great. Such hairstyles are very suitable for A-silhouette outfits as they focus on the shoulders and décolleté areas. Small things in the image of the bride are excluded: every detail is filled with meaning, and hairstyle is a real art. So maybe so many stylists are working on creating new models to make the wedding anniversary memorable, and their hairstyles have become unique and inimitable.

More than 200 photos of wedding hairstyles for long and short hair.

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Frisuren für die Hochzeit. 200 Fotos von modischem Styling für die Braut.


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