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Einfache Pixie Haarschnitt Stile Farbe Ideen 2018-2019

If you fancy a new look, you can do nothing better than to choose a simple pixie haircut with a modern twist! These are the latest pixie haircuts, favored by smart young women who are setting the trends and are always one step ahead. Nape details are a new trend, and squared off side points are loosening their way into mainstream fashion, too. This year, the short haircut with the feature delicate colors, rose quartz blonde, which has recently been added to the popular series of ash, silver and beige blondes.

Introducing the hippest new fashion shade rose quartz, this is a trendy hairstyle with a feminine twist! The buzzed nape has a nice curved shape that matches the natural hairline and contrasts with the sharp lines above. And there’s another creative contrast between the dark blonde roots and the subtle rose quartz blonde color. There are hints of bright copper balayage adding color, depth, which beautifully textured more layers, too. So the forward style pixie cut is definitely a fresh look for the upcoming season.

The new season pixie cuts all have sweet details on the nape, like this attractive single point or V shape. Thick or medium textured hair is suitable for these long layers, asymmetrical pixie in silver-ash blonde. And the style is equally suitable for women over short hairstyle idea, or ‘hip’ hairstyle for young trendies! The style is straight, but you can see a small natural wave was styled to create many interesting texture and movement. And as the model’s pale skin has reddish-brown tones, the coloring has a touch of pink toner on the top.

Here is a simple pixie haircut idea for fine hair, has created a new kind of wave edgy texture. The basic short back and sides contain a fine line that shows shaved detail in the neck and in the squared off side. The subtle shade of the beige blonde has a very natural look and makes a soft contrast with the light brown roots below. Instead of a long fringe, this is another of the latest bare brow pixie haircuts. The low key quiff creates a wave wave in the pretty profile and it gives an edgy kink in the upper waves, for a new twist.

This pixie hairstyle has a long, side swept fringe from a deep side vertex, so it’s one of the classic pixie haircuts that flatter a variety of faces. Straight pixies, with extra height on the top, are especially flattering for round faces. If your face is long, the diagonal long fringe effectively ‘cuts’ the forehead and breaks the long, symmetrical shape. And if you have a heart face, this fringe will hide a broad forehead and minimize a narrow chin keeping the focus on the central one areas. And to make sure you have a suitably up to date color, try this trendy neutral beige blonde.

The heavily layered pixie creates cute, fluffy volume on fine hair and makes it easy to style. And all over platinum blonde creates a softer, more feminine look than blonde with dark roots. The uneven, piecey fringes can be shaped to fit your face perfectly , and mark some beautiful, blue or green eyes.

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