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Dutch Braided Headband with a Ribbon

Dutch Braided Headband with a Ribbon

Dutch Braided Headband with a Ribbon

Originally, I featured this hairstyle as # 5 in the second ribbon series, “8 (more!) Ways to Wear a Ribbon.” I am not sure how or where I got the inspiration to throw a ribbon into this style.

The headband braid is a dutch braid and done similar to this hairstyle. The dutch braid is actually a braid, which sounds really tricky but simply means the braid has pulled into it. The ribbon portion is done after the braid is set in place and by threading it through the braid. This is sounding pretty tricky even as I am typing it so simply click play on the video to see the step by step process of how it’s done. If you try it at home, let me know by tagging me on twitter (@meliss_cook) or on instagram (@melisscook). Person person zwischen person person zwischen person zwischen zwischen person zwischen person? Person???????????????????? Zwischen?

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