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10 things to know about Long Distance Running

1. Do not let past running experiences get in the way.

We all remember those horrible experiences of running in physical education, but do not forget that you’ve grown from those days and are now a different person (with a new and fresh mindset). Long distance running is something that is worth experiencing, and now is your chance to start the journey!

2. Take it as it comes.

There should be no hurry when it comes to becoming a long-distance runner. Start with what feels best for you. Start with a mile or two, then push another mile every week (you might be surprised!)!

3. Learn to enjoy it.

Running tends to have a negative connotation, but I can say that there is no better feeling than ending this half-marathon, breaking that personal record, or running the longest distance.

4. Do not call it after the first day.

Many people entering the race have miserable first experiences and could not see that they have ever really enjoyed it. Running is like everything else, what it’s worth – it takes time, hard work and a lot of sweat! Your body needs to get used to this new lifestyle, and that does not happen the first time.

5. It’s all mental.

Something that I can not emphasize enough. It is of the utmost importance that you control your brain with a positive run. I always think of the saying, “If you can walk three miles, as you can cover every distance” (which I think is true). If your body tells you that you can not, it’s lying – you can do it.

6. The first five minutes are always the worst.

Most runners can agree that no matter how big the shape, the first five minutes of a run tend to be the worst part of it. Your body is still warming up, you decide your pace and are thinking about turning around and running back to your bed. If you go through the first five minutes, you will see how much better you feel after stretching it out.

7. Routine routine.

Routines are tough because we are constantly on the move. We are busy with jobs, school, homework, friends and the list goes on. But take a moment to think about all the time we spend on social media. It is a big pastime. For example, you could have completed your run in the time you spent on Facebook to track the aunt of your best friend’s cousin. Just know that if you keep up with a customized routine, you’ll enjoy the run more.

8. Set a goal!

Everything is better with motivation and if you have something to work for, you will be more likely to work on it. Use this local 5k or half marathon as your destination. If that’s not enough to keep you motivated, think of all the cute pictures you can post of the race, or the incredible metal you earn, or the fact that you’ve paid $ 75 for it and can not let that get lost!

9. Use the RunKeeper app.

This is by far my favorite app for running. It not only logs every single run but keeps you up to date throughout your run. You can even adjust the settings to your liking. It also allows you to connect with friends, set goals, and record what your run feels like! Link your social media accounts and share your personal record you had.

10. Be proud of yourself!

Running is not easy and most people call us runners crazy. You will know that you have found that sweet serenity when, on a cold Monday morning at 6 am, you enter a peaceful time when the earth is still asleep, and you have a world for you (then you know that you have one) you are) runner). Running is not something that many people do too often, so be unusual, check the odds and rely on yourself.


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